Katy TX Small Kitchen Remodel

What can a Katy TX small kitchen remodel offer you? Well, you may be surprised to know that we can totally redesign your kitchen. At Discount Contractors, we don’t just offer a limited number of changes and alterations that we’re capable of. We can install and build the entire kitchen if need be. As long as it is by your design, of course. That’s the other aspect of our company that is highly sought after.

We offer exceptional creative freedom to our clients so they can make exactly what they want. Your dream will become a reality in our work. In our article today, we will discuss the different features that you could consider changing. We’ll also go in-depth on how these changes can affect your lifestyle and increase your overall happiness. There is a lot that Discount Contractors can provide that you may not have considered!

The Benefit Of Ergonomic Cabinets & Drawers

When you consider the effectiveness of your cabinets, you may not think of more than storage. However, you probably haven’t even gone that deep in the possible storage options that you have access to. For example, we can offer you a new design in each of the cabinets that allow for pull out drawers, separated containers for certain items and even spaces that can interconnect other areas of the kitchen for ease of access.

Even if it’s just a home repair for your kitchen cabinets, we can do an excellent job!

With these adjustments, you will have so much space to store your goods and keep organized when you are looking or simply living everyday life. In a normal home, the kitchen will usually take the role of the social area or the lounging space where people start their days or end them. In order to make the most out of your kitchen, you should strive to have the most effective cabinetry.

We can also design them to your tastes, too. This way, not only will you have the access that you need to live more efficiently, but it will look and feel like an extension of you. Of course, this is the natural conclusion that most people are thinking of when they get a remodel but there are other, more technical, aspects that you can change also. At Discount Contractors, we want to go beyond the look and feel and discover how your home can help you lead a better life.

Do You Need New Appliances?

The cabinets aren’t the only area to make adjustments to. You can change a lot about the way your kitchen runs by simply changing up the appliances. the reality is if you’ve been living in the home for more than 4 years, or your home is rented or built many years before you moved in, you definitely need new appliances.

It isn’t just for appearance’s sake, it’s a necessity for energy conservation as well. A lot of the appliances that were being used merely a few years ago are outdated and expend a lot of information to do the same simple tasks. In order to get the most out of your kitchen, you should look into getting more efficient appliances that can take care of multiple functions at once without using up so much power.

Our high-quality interior designers can offer full kitchen remodeling services

Add An Island

When you consider your kitchen, you may note that there is not much space to eat. Of course, until very recently in our history the kitchen was rarely used to eat in. There was a dining room for that purpose. However, in the modern era, we have seen the transition from using dining rooms to integrating it into the kitchen.

This new change has taken the form of islands, which is essentially a separate block of cabinetry and countertops located in the center of the kitchen. It can be used to have a stove, more seating area and also more storage. This popular addition brings immense style and practicality to your kitchen.

Change Your Kitchen To Match Your Lifestyle

As you may have realized, these changes go beyond just the visual appeal in a home. We believe that a remodel should go deeper than the aesthetic values. If you are living in a home, it should be made to fit your needs and desires with a convenient mechanical design.

Of course, at Discount Contractors, you can change the flooring to add tiling or wood floors, and you can also adjust the lighting fixtures to give more focus on certain areas. There are many minute changes that can be done too such as the handles on the cabinets and the faucets as well. However, we want to stress that we go above and beyond these changes.


Home improvement can start with remodeling the kitchen. With more than 15 years of experience, our attention to detail is top notch and we highly recommend it.

With the ergonomic adjustments of the cabinets, the addition of the island and all new appliances, you are making your routine easier, giving yourself an upgrade in comfortability and making what once slowed you down, the pinnacle of the home.

A kitchen deserves to be admired, after all. It’s the powerhouse of the home that serves as many roles as it does meals. In order to give it the proper respect and personality, it has to be designed by the owners themselves. Don’t worry though, we’ll be there every step of the way!

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  • Named after the K-T Railroad
  • Known for rice production
  • Holds an annual Rice festival that has been around since 1981
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