Katy TX Kitchen Remodel Near Me

Are you searching for a Katy TX kitchen remodel near me? We are going to be able to help you with whatever you may need. Discount Contractors is one of the best remodeling and general contracting companies in the city of Houston, and we would love to offer our services to the Katy area.

If you believe that you have a vision of your dream home in mind, let us know! We want to be able to help you bring this to life. Your kitchen is one of the most elaborate and diverse rooms in the house, after all. It would be a beautiful addition if you made it fit your character and lifestyle. This is just another way of making a house your home. Let us know if we can help you with your remodel!

Whether it’s bathroom remodeling, home remodeling or just your kitchen, we have a general contractor for you!

Needs Of A Kitchen

There are so many different uses for the kitchen. It is your place of lounging in the morning when you want to have a coffee and read the paper. It’s your zone for family interaction when you’re all eating breakfast. You can make changes for the kitchen to match whatever routine you follow.

Butler’s Pantry 

Imagine the benefits of having an additional room ready for your tea and coffee. Perhaps it is going to be for your pastries and cakes. Any option is available, but we want to make sure that you know the options that you might have at your choosing. This sort of addition would go perfect for those that incline a comfortable space that is not as crowded or busy as the kitchen. They could still make sandwiches and salads. Perhaps it is where the fruit will be held. We can provide designs for all of these options.

Adding A Bar 

What if you are looking to have a more hospitable space for guests? A bar is going to be an excellent place to seat your newcomers and provide the refreshments. It will also be a place where you can unwind instead of having to sit at the dining room table or go all the way into the living room. This is an option that you can have installed into your kitchen that makes it the perfect blend of food and drinks.

Islands and More 

Perhaps what you want is an island that can be the home for your kitchen activity. Whether you want space to cut the meat or to toss your salads. It can also be a great location to hold more drawer space and even add appliances or trash cans into the design. This will add a lot more space into your kitchen for sitting down and provide a potential point for socializing as well. We can construct this and make it precisely to your specifications. This could be the centerpiece that your kitchen required!

What Can We Do For Your Katy TX Kitchen Remodel Near Me

Our crew is going to be filled with different types of specialists that can perform all of the different tasks that you might need. This will consist of the carpentry and the tiling that you might need. It can also involve the various appliances that you choose, the paint jobs that they require and what you might want to do with the other cabinets. Perhaps they need to get further furnishings added. They might need to be trimmed or reshaped to fit your new appliances. There are plenty of options that we can work on.

We highly recommend our remodeling contractors, they design kitchens, master baths and more!

For any of the additions that we mentioned in the previous section, you can rest assured that we have what it takes to get the job done. We will be able to provide all of the physical modifications to apply a butler’s pantry into the space of your kitchen and match it to the style of the rest of your kitchen. We’ve got the understanding of bars and how to create them at the right height and materials that will be secure and longlasting. We have an exceptional ability to create precisely what you desire.

Whether that is the island that we were talking about earlier, or changes to the sinks, we can make all of the different adjustments that you may seek. This will consist of some of the lighting fixtures, too, as well as any of the paint and materials that you choose to interchange your amenities with.

Behind the Scenes Of Discount Contractors

We are a down to earth and friendly company. Our team has been growing, and for the last 27 years, we have made a name for ourselves in Houston. We’ve been operating for over 40 years, so we can say that we know our way around the industry.

You will find that the services you get from us are just as high quality as the reviews say. With a BBB A+ rating and accreditation, plus hundreds of glowing references from the 2000 clients we have worked with, we’re confident that you will be satisfied.

Even with a simple change of the kitchen cabinets, we can make a drastic home improvement!

After moving from a small family owned business that was very father-son, we have diversified over the generations to expand to multiple crews. There are now seven that are operating in the Houston area. They will be happy to work with you so long as you own your home. If that is so, you can get this service in under four weeks with a quote arriving by the end of the first day. We want to ensure that you will only be getting the highest quality when you get work from Discount Contractors.

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Let us know what you need for your Katy TX kitchen remodel near me needs. We can provide you with all of the different jobs. We have to get the full vision from you. If you need to get more information or want to contact us for services, you can reach us at (281) 550-0171 or visit our website. We will be looking forward to working with you soon!