Houston Custom Kitchens

If you’re living in Houston custom kitchens can be easy to attain. That’s especially so if you reach out to Discount Contractors for service. We have an incredible history of high-quality work with thousands of clients to boast. While we work for a massive array of different services, we are going to focus on the custom kitchens that we can provide for your home.

This is one of the most intricate and elaborate rooms of the house, and it’s essential to make it as personable as possible. We want to build your home into a seamless aspect of your daily activities and lifestyle. It’s indispensable for ultimate comfort and ease. We’ve done many jobs, so we have the endurance and experience to make sure that when all is said and done, you’re satisfied with the results.

Services We Provide For Houston Custom Kitchens

There are going to be many changes that can be done to your home and especially your kitchen. When it comes to customs, you will want to think about how you can make your life more efficient. Distinctive design styles will fit your home and give them more space or make certain areas more accessible. We can help with the brainstorming aspects just as much as the development and construction.

If you are looking for different energies or themes, keep us posted. We can make the room electric with tons of bright colors and sleek materials, or very earthy with lots of natural hues. The furnishings can strike very different tones. We can have unique designs made or follow other schemes like a Gothic-style or traditional oriental design. It’s all up to you and what you desire!

Islands & Bistro Tables

This will consist of additions you would like to make into your kitchen that allow space for eating or further cooking and socializing. Sometimes the dining room isn’t ideal for eating smaller meals or being with a different social group. Therefore, being able to have another location where you can snack or relax would be very excellent accommodation for your kitchen.

With the benefits of having more space, you can add extra drawer space, new appliances, and also make room for trash cans or other helpful resources. We can make sure that you have all of these options and more, that includes the stools and high seats that might come with these additions.

Our projects include custom design services for your dream kitchen, bath, and more!

What If You Want To Add A Bar?

Among all of the intriguing options, we can make adjustments to fit a bar in your kitchen, too. This is one of the unique features that could be a huge highlight. Whether you are an alcohol connoisseur or you enjoy giving your guests a great time, this can be a great exhibition of class and sophistication.

We can make the bars with very sturdy materials and insightful design. All of the amenities that you might need will be available, and that includes the protection of the countertops and a fully accentuated design that matches the rest of your kitchen.

Try Changing Up The Flooring

There are many times when the style of the kitchen doesn’t match your tastes. When you have a checkered black, and white tile floor and your preferences are more along the lines of earthy styles, it may not sit well with you. The texture itself could be hard to tolerate. In circumstances like these, we can provide you with new tiling or flooring.

This means you could get a whole new style added to the kitchen. Perhaps you would like to have a stone tiling or some marble. Maybe you would want to have a coarse texture that feels good on the feet or something smooth and glossy that looks great with a polish. Once again, freedom is in your hands, and you’ve got all the power to make precisely what you want with Discount Contractors.

Want New Countertops, too?

When you make changes in the kitchen, it will usually be very drastic. You will be able to make a lot of different adjustments from the look and feel to the materials that the areas are made of. This means that you can alter the way your countertops are made. If yours feels too flimsy or it is not the right color that you would like, we can make the switch. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether it is granite, marble, or something unique. We can work with whatever you’re interested in.

History Of Discount Contractors

We are a very successful family business that has grown from a father-son job to a substantial multi-faceted contracting and remodeling company. For 40 years, we have grown and evolved in this industry, and you can see the difference. We have expanded to seven crews now instead of four which was initially just one at the very start.

Today, we are an accredited BBB A+ rated enterprise that has worked with thousands of clients. We are even the preferred contractors for all of the jobs that go through BBVA Compass. That means we have a very high level of quality that we commit to. You will find in the hundreds of glowing reviews that we are going to be able to provide you with precisely what you need.

Contact Us Now!

If you need help with finding remodelers for Houston custom kitchens, don’t worry! You can get all of the different jobs through us. We have all of the skills and access for you at Discount Contractors. Get the best customer service and even better quality work for your home. If you want to make changes to your kitchen, make them the right way — with us!

So, stop searching “Houston kitchen designers near me” and start calling us! Be sure to ask us about our bathroom remodeling contractors as well! For more information about our company or if you’d like to speak to us about our services, you can contact us at (281) 550-0171 or visit our website.

We look forward to working in your kitchen with you. It’s going to be a genuinely worthwhile venture.


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