Katy TX Kitchen And Bath Remodeling

Katy TX kitchen and bath remodeling can be expensive when you go to the wrong contractor. That’s why Discount Contractors is the only home remodeling contractor that makes it easy and affordable to give your house a new look. Our expert team of interior designers and installers work to bring you the best in full kitchen service and other home improvements. Once we’re in your home, we immediately start on determining how to best upgrade your interior space to a modern age.

Discount Contractors dedicates its efforts to excellent results for you because we know how important your home is to you. We use our expertise to bring great ideas to you so you can focus on enjoying the outcome. With over 2000 satisfied clients, there’s no better time to enhance your living space than now. Don’t let old and crumbling walls and floors put your family at risk, call us today. We’ll update and improve your kitchen and bathrooms to provide the ultimate experience. Once you see the difference, you’ll want even more work done!

Why Us For Your Katy TX Kitchen And Bath Remodeling

Locally owned and operated, Discount Contractors focuses all of its time and resources on ensuring that our clients get the highest quality home remodeling. We concentrate on the most important areas of your home, such as the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even patio. Our team takes pride in knowing that we do honest and reliable work. With over 30 years of experience, we utilize seven full-time, highly trained crews that all strive to bring you your dream home. Our services extend from bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, window replacement, flooring, roofing, to general home contractor services.

Katy TX Kitchen And Bath Remodeling

Committed to Your Home’s Improvement

Discount Contractors deals directly with the owner to ensure that your specifications are fulfilled. With reasonable prices and General Liability Insurance, we quote your job upon reviewing your home. So you know exactly how much it’s going to cost before we start anything. With hundreds of references and testimonials, there’s no reason not to trust Discount Contractors for your next remodeling project.

Our Services Go Above And Beyond

Looking to replace a broken window in the attic? We can do that. Got dingy floors that make your bathrooms look unwelcoming? No problem! Is your roof starting to show cracks? We think you know where we’re going with this. No matter what the job is, Discount Contractors has got you covered. All it takes is one phone call, and we’re already planning out the solution.

Katy TX Kitchen Remodeling

The Best Kitchens In Katy TX

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen deterioration is all too common a problem. Because we use our kitchens so much, they’re liable to decay and degrade significantly over time. To prevent that, Discount Contractors goes the distance to provide the best kitchen remodeling in Katy, TX. Your kitchen surfaces are magnets for scratches, scrapes, and chips. Not to mention appliance failure. Sinks alone are often damaged by high levels of water or corrosive materials that are poured into it.

We offer a plethora of services to reshape your kitchen space into a masterpiece. Our remodeling consists of sink replacement, tile renovation, backsplash, countertop replacement, cabinet replacement, appliance upgrades, and much more. So no matter what your kitchen needs, Discount Contractors is here to provide.

The kitchen is possibly the most used and inhabited room in your entire home. That’s why your family deserves a kitchen that is durable and reliable. Decaying floors and appliances that are on the fritz aren’t the way to provide excellence. Even if your kitchen is spick and span, over time, problems will occur. Don’t wait until your fridge or sink stops working on you, call us today and find out how much longer your appliances have.

Bathroom Remodeling

As another one of the most used rooms in your home, how you treat your bathroom says a lot about you. A clean and modern bathroom can tell your guests that you are organized and take hygiene very seriously. However, a dirty and disheveled bathroom tells a different story altogether. Disorderly spaces indicates a lack of care and unclean habits.

To avoid giving off the wrong impression, Discount Contractors offers a number of services in your bathroom. For instance, we install brand new appliances such as bathroom mirrors, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. We also offer premium products like exotic marble countertops, romantic lightings, amber wood cabinets, brass faucets, and much more.

Your bathroom is the private room in your home. It’s the room that you wake up to go to and go to to prepare for bed. Your bathroom should give off comfort and put your mind at ease, so you can focus on the more important things. Don’t let your bathroom rot due to negligence, let Discount Contractors bring you the best environment for your private moments.

Other Services

We wouldn’t be much of a home remodeling contractor is we didn’t service the whole house! Our other services are always available in addition to our kitchen and bathroom services. To remodel your entire home, we offer the highest-grade material and products in the market. We offer tile, carpet, hardwood, and other flooring options as well as cabinets, countertops, framing, drywall, paint, wallpaper, windows, doors, skylights, and much more.

Our flooring and roofing can make the transition from tile or carpet much simpler on you. In addition, we offer brick and mortar work so you can rest assured that your foundation is solid. Discount Contractors also offers Hardiplank and siding for the outside of your house as well as interior and exterior painting. Speaking of outside, our installers also specialize in concrete work, renewing or developing new driveways and sidewalks. Beyond that, we offer minor services such as corners of walls and drywall replacement.

Katy Texas Kitchen And Bath Remodeling

Katy TX Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Never Looked So Good

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No job is too big or small for us. Discount Contractors works tirelessly to provide your home with the best results. With your kitchen and bathroom renewed and fresh, we can’t wait to help you with your next remodeling project. Call us at (281) 550-0171 with any questions, or find us online for more information. Don’t hesitate, let us show you what Katy TX kitchen and bath remodeling looks like.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Widely known for its rejuvenated buildings, Heritage Park is just one of ten of Katy’s parks
  • Named after the creek that cuts through it, Katy’s original name was Cane Island
  • Katy’s name derives from the “K-T” Railroad that also cuts through the city
  • For more information, visit here