Katy Texas Kitchen and Bath

Is your Katy Texas kitchen and bath in need of remodeling? There could be plenty of reasons why you may want to start with a new design. You could be contemplating a grand change for your home and have finally gotten to the kitchen. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the chance to start remodeling the bathroom and just finally moved into the right house.

Remodel your Katy Kitchen, bath, and home with us!

Discount Contractors can redesign all of the different aspects of your home, especially the kitchen and bath. These are going to be the most prominent aspects of your home. The prospect of having each room totally catering your every want and need seems tempting but how easy is it really? We are actually capable of making it very simple for you. We’ll discuss our methods and the results you can get for your home in the following sections. Let’s get everything ready to make your dream home a reality!

About Our Company

This enterprise has been operating for over 40 years, and it has been a glorious success. After being in Houston for 27 years, we haven’t found any need to change this. Our family roots and excellent allocation of resources keeps the engines running smoothly. We’ve taken care of hundreds of jobs and can certainly help with whatever remodeling or general contracting you’re thinking of!

Discount Contractors is an A+ rated BBB accredited company and is the contractor preferred by BBVA Compass for any of their jobs. We have over a million dollars in general liability insurance, as well. This means you will get a high-quality job, but just in case the unthinkable happens — we’ve got you covered nonetheless. It’s just one of the principles that our company stands by.

When it comes to residential homes, you will have a guarantee of work so long as you own the home. If that is the case, then expect work to begin in under 4 weeks! We maintain very high efficiency with up to 7 crews functioning in the field at one time. We have hundreds of references and offer a very reasonable price. We’ll even quote you on the spot!

Services For Katy Texas Kitchen And Bath

You are going to get the amazing work that thousands of other customers can testify to. We have been regular exhibitors at the Houston Remodeling Show and frequently feature our vendors in the Houston Remodeling Guide. The results have earned us very high esteem and respectability. When it comes to Kitchen and Bath though, we feel that we excel the most.

Sugar Land TX Bathroom Renovation Services

Reliable Houston area for Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation Services


Our work is going to be able to totally transform your home, even if we just change the kitchen. Whether we are going to work on replacing your sinks with new and improved versions or custom-designed styles for the cabinets and countertops. There are going to be so many different options to assess when you really think about it. These aspects portray your character and the lifestyle you want to lead. We can help express how you want the world to look.

The primary goal is to enhance, optimize and personalize. You will get excellent advising and suggestions from our team on how to design certain parts, or you can bring your own designs. We don’t subcontract our so all of the work will be with the crew. That means you can speak freely and make changes right then and there whenever you see fit.

Even the flooring can be redone to match the new accents. We will help you select new appliances, size them out and design around them. For example, placing the perfect refrigerator next to the long black marble countertops and designing them at the right height to give you space to whip up a snack.

These sorts of options are going to be available to you when you consider the possibilities. The role of Discount Contractors is to facilitate your vision. There really isn’t any sort of remodeling job that we cannot perform. After all, our crews are littered with experienced veterans.

Let us remodel your dream kitchen or bathroom, we have years of experience to offer!


The same freedom is going to be accessible in the bath as well. This is your intimate and private place. You and perhaps your significant other will be the only ones to occupy this space. It’s a place of meditation, and also for energizing and cleansing yourself. We retire from the day and start the new one here.

You can never go wrong by treating yourself to an amazing new bath. The results are going to be outstanding and you will recognize immediately the new feeling it gives you. To have your master bath totally designed around your desires means you get to wake up the right way every time. We have helped hundreds of customers in the past to attain these heights.

The process is similar to the kitchen in that we will work with you to obtain all of your wants and needs. Each of the subtle parts of your bathroom will be considered. Whether you have a big budget or a modest one, the designs will be noticeable. It’s going to consist of major or minor changes to any of the following areas.

  • Sinks
  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • Closet Space
  • Shower
  • Bath

As you can see, we have the remedy for any of your issues and can bring the best out of your home. Even if you are just trying to fix some of the problems the work will be well worth it. We can ensure that you will be fully satisfied every time.

Contact Discount Contractors!

We are going to be your preference for Katy Texas kitchen and bath, too! You will find that our work is always increasing in quality. That’s because we never stop focusing on bringing our clients’ dreams to life. There are always beautiful and amazing concepts that come from our customers and to help them bring them into reality is our favorite part. If you think you might need to get work from us, just contact us at (281) 550-0171 or visit our website for more information. We hope to work with you soon!


  1. Katy’s main industry was rice but was also known for peanuts, cotton, and gas.
  2. The Name Katy comes from the “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  3. Hundreds of geese and wild birds would migrate to Katy TX each year. There are many statues of geese around Katy.
  4. Katy first held its continuing annual Rice Festival in 1981.
  5. For more information about Katy, click here! 

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