Sugar Land Commercial Remodeling

When it comes to high-quality Sugar Land Commercial Remodeling services, there is only one place to call. Discount Contractors is a remodeling company with over 25 years of remodeling experience. Our team of contracting experts is fully capable of dealing with all kinds of commercial remodeling projects. An office is a place where your employees will spend a significant amount of their lives. So it makes sense to try your best to make the office as appealing and comfortable as possible. Keeping your employees happy and comfortable is a great way of keeping production levels high and steady.

We have learned many things throughout the years, including the importance of effort. Once we are finished with your project, you’ll notice the hard work and dedication we put into it. The thing about our company is that we aim to excel in all of our projects. Regardless of the project’s size or the client, we can ensure that we’ll work diligently towards completing the project in a timely and efficient fashion. We are so confident in our work that we guarantee you won’t find another company with the same level of commitment to great service. Call us today to learn about our various commercial remodeling services.

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Commercial Remodeling Projects

Starting and operating your own business takes lots of hard work and dedication. A business is also a testament to both personal and financial investment. Our goal is to help keep your business running for many years to come with our various services. If you feel like your employees are starting to feel weary about your office’s appearance, it may be time for a change. Discount Contractors and its workers are the best in the business when it comes to commercial remodeling projects. You won’t find another company with the same credentials or experience that we boast.

Whether you wish to have your office’s flooring changed or maybe some cabinets need replacing, we can do it all. We deal with both small and big projects. It has been shown through many studies that happy employees usually leads to better production. All you need to do is call us with as much detail about the project in mind and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team is ready and excited to start working on the next project, so don’t any longer and call us today. With our help, your office will look great and you’ll increase production at the same time, a win-win situation.

Sugar Land Commercial Remodeling Near Me

We can work on the inside or outside of your building!

The General Contracting Services

As much as we like to help business owners keep their workplaces neat and good looking, we do much more than deal with commercial projects. As a general contracting company, we deal with all kinds of residential projects as well. Discount Contractors has over 25 years of experience, meaning that your projects will be handled by the most capable and knowledgeable hands. You’d be surprised by the types of projects we have previously worked on. We are always striving to improve and learn about our industry. A great way for us to keep learning and improving is by staying active with new and challenging projects.

You will run into many companies that will do or say anything in order to attract more clients. Some of these companies will promise many things and not deliver on their word. We are not like those companies, and we always keep our promises. This mentality is what we believe has kept us at the top of the industry for so man years. Here a few of the many reasons why we are the best choice when it comes to remodeling services.

  • We have 27 years of experience in Houston Contractor services
  • Clients will deal directly with the owner, reducing the chances for miscommunication
  • Hundreds of positive references
  • Up to one million dollars of General Liability Insurance
  • Our seven full-time professional crews are experienced and reliable
  • The most competitive prices
Sugar Land Commercial Remodeling Services

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Home Remodeling

One of our favorite projects to work on is home remodeling projects. We really enjoy making families happy bringing their dream homes to life. Most of us probably have an idea of what kind of home we would like to live in one day. Sadly, we don’t always get the house we always dreamed of. Luckily, with our services and work ethic, we can help transform your home into the house of your dreams. We can assure that you won’t be disappointed with the results our crews will produce after completing your project.

Discount Contractors is a company that believes that excellent customer service is key to a high rate of customer satisfaction. We want to speak to you directly in order to get as much detail on your vision as possible. All you need to do is give us the destination, and we’ll get you there. Whether that means redesigning your entire house or working on smaller projects, we are sure that we can get the job in a timely and efficient fashion. A home should make you feel comfortable and happy. If you are currently unhappy with your home’s appearance, call Discount Contractors.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

We are also more than capable of dealing with all types of kitchen projects. We can help renovate office kitchens or home kitchens. Our aim is to bring our experience and expertise to as many clients as possible. Whether you want to change your kitchen’s flooring or you maybe change out old cabinets, we’re the team for the job. Our wide array of kitchen services includes both big and small projects. Some of our previous clients have had their entire kitchen redesigned, while others only need minor adjustments. Whatever the project is, we are confident in our ability to complete the project the correct and safest way.

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If you’re looking for the best Sugar Land commercial remodeling, you can choose Discount Contractors! We will offer the highest quality service in the area. If you are unsure whether the project you need is covered by us, give us a quick call at (281) 550-0171 or simply visit our website for more information. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


  • Has a population of about 84,000
  • Named A “Community of Respect” six years in a row (since 2010)
  • Imperial Sugar was founded here
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