Katy TX Small Bathroom Remodel

Do you want a Katy TX small bathroom remodel? Contact Discount Contractors today for the highest-quality services. We have more than 30 years of experience with seven different teams. Each of them can tackle various sized projects. Remodeling can be stressful in general, and Discount Contractors want to make that process as seamless as possible.

Discount Contractors are capable of remodeling your entire home or only one room, like your bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent opportunity for your home in general. Remodeling in general increases the value of your home, but there are further benefits to remodeling your bathroom.

Homeowners looking to jump into a bathroom remodel will need to consider a handful of features beforehand. Home improvement is never an easy task, and problems can arise in a matter of seconds. Discount Contractors will help clients obtain the look they desire through the best bathroom remodeling service available.

Home remodeling, in general, is stressful. You may be required to stay in a hotel or a friend’s place while the changes are made. Furthermore, remodel costs are not the cheapest. However, it all varies on the extent of the remodel and products used. A complete bathroom remodel will cost more, but the benefits are maximized.

What to Consider

Katy TX Small Bathroom Remodel

Consider every aspect of your bathroom before the remodel.

If you are remodeling a master bathroom or you have a bathroom renovation in general, then there is a lot to consider. Bathroom remodeling projects range from toilets and showers to flooring and lighting. All of these features should be considered when tackling a bathroom project. Would you prefer a tub or a shower? Maybe both? These details will make or break your remodel in no time.


Bathrooms are common places people start and end their day. That said, they should be places people want to spend time or enjoy. A custom bathroom can evoke a sense of relaxation or peace. Finding the right kind of general contractor who can provide such a feeling is difficult. However, Discount Contractors can help you find the right balance in your bathroom.

Common issues with bathrooms are their functionality. They are easily cluttered, which leads to issues when getting ready. Adding more storage to your bathroom can help improve functionality. Reduce the clutter of counters with cabinets and storage bins. You will stress less often in the morning and be able to have peace of mind.


You may be satisfied with the lighting in your bathroom already, but there are many options. First off, choose lighting that can be adjusted with a slider. This will help set the mood of your bathroom. It can be a bright light that will help you get motivated in the morning or a dim glow as you wind down in the evening.

Furthermore, bright light fixtures can help you see what you need to when you get ready. Apply makeup or shave your face without mistakes. Lighting also allows for some taste to be injected into the bathroom. There are various lighting options with a lot of personalities, so it is up to the bath remodelers.

Shower or Bathtub

Shower window

A shower window can help bring in natural light.

How many baths do you take a year? Is it worth a bathtub? You could have the room for both, but there are many times people crave a bathtub without really taking baths. Remodeling is typically for the current homeowners, and the decisions should be made with their interests in mind. Don’t worry about who will own the house later. Showers are usually the way to go, but you can always have both options.

The Shower

If you do consider a shower rather than a tub, then there are many options within that choice alone. First, you should consider the flooring. Certain tiles will work best in a shower. Smaller tile will work best because you will have more traction, and they are sloped better. Larger tiles will allow less traction, and the water has a better chance of sitting in the grout.

Secondly, consider natural light into your shower or bathroom in general. A frosted window can provide such a liveliness with your shower. Use a window that will ensure your privacy, but ensure it opens to fresh air. There are windows that open that provide privacy even when they are open. These features will help your shower stick out in the bathroom.


Toilets are one of the most unappealing parts of a bathroom, but they do not have to be. Toilet technology has come a long way. Instead of a basic toilet, you can consider a wall-hung toilet. These options look more modern and provide a better look overall. The tank is hidden in the wall so you can save space within your bathroom.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Katy TX Small Bathroom Remodel

Let us show you what we can do with your bathroom.

The most evident and aforementioned bathroom remodel benefit is the price of your home going up. Bathrooms are an essential part of a home, and people love to see an updated bathroom. A bathroom remodel will also save you money if you take the right steps. Bath remodelers need to replace their toilet with a water-efficient toilet and replace leaky pipes and faucets.

Saving money is always a benefit. Once your bathroom remodel is done, it will become a room you want to spend more time in. Bathroom remodels do a great job of creating a peaceful place for you to start and finish your day. Remodel your bathroom today if you want to take advantage of these numerous benefits.

Katy TX Small Bathroom Remodel

Discount Contractors offers the most extensive variety and the best Houston bathroom remodeling services available. We have tackled a vast number of remodeling jobs and will continue to be the go-to remodeler in Katy, TX. Give us a call today at (281) 550-0171. Our team is capable of any job you throw at them. Clients can also visit our website for our portfolio of bathroom remodels or additional services. We would be happy to provide you with the benefits of a bathroom remodel. You can finally reach the Katy TX small bathroom remodel you have always wanted.

Fun Facts about Katy

  • Katy has several museums that honor the city’s history, heritage, and the country’s veterans.
  • Katy was originally named Cane Island, after the creek that runs through it.
  • Though a hurricane destroyed Katy in 1900, many historical buildings were preserved, and you can take a tour downtown to see them.
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