Katy TX Bath Remodel

Have you ever considered getting a Katy TX bath remodel? There are dozens of changes that you can make to your bathroom without even thinking about it. Right when you walk in your bathroom, if it is not your own design, there are usually issues that irk you. It’s completely understandable. Our bathrooms are the most intimate locations in our homes and demand the most control and access in this respect.

In order to provide yourself with more convenient design and aesthetic relief, you’ll need a remodel. At Discount Contractors, you will be able to get all of the care you need to make all the changes. Everything you envisioned will be made a reality. That’s just how we operate, and if you want to learn more, just visit here. Otherwise, we’ll go over some of the potential changes you could make and why they’ll be so helpful.

Upgrade Your Cabinetry

Remember, you are constantly using your cabinetry for a lot of different purposes. They could be instrumental in storage or holding some of your more sensitive materials like jewelry or hygiene equipment. It’s important to have fast and direct access to these items. Usually, you are using them in the morning or evening when you are getting ready for the day, or sleep. It typically is a hassle if you’re forced to go through drawers and make more unnecessary effort to do these simple tasks.

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To adjust your living conditions, consider how you can redesign the way the drawers open, and hold items. If you make specific changes to the organization, you can instill much better access ways to what you need. Instead of just tolerating the strange and unhelpful design, create cabinetry that holds specific items in different drawers that are crafted to be covert or extremely ergonomic. The key is to increase ease of access whilst expanding space for all of your items. A regular set of cabinets will probably only take you half the distance, so make sure to finish the race with Discount Contractors!

Find The Perfect Sink For Your Katy TX Bath Remodel

People are constantly having to make adjustments and sacrifices for their sinks. The water pressure may be too hard or the design is simply unbearable. It’s totally natural for you to feel this way about your bathroom. Many times occur when the original home builder or remodeler did not make it in your best interests.

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Why should they anyway? You didn’t live there at the time. That’s why, whenever you are occupying this space for a long time, it’s a great idea to make the right changes that you see fit. This can mean changing out the sink for an above ground bowl and a bronze faucet. However, it can also mean replacing all of the piping with a shimmering golden gild. The options vary from person to person because of taste and cost, but the fact remains, you will be far better living in a space that complements your better nature.

Change Up Your Showers & Baths

The same can be said for your showers and baths. Since you might not be using the bath as much as the last owners or perhaps you just never really liked it when you moved in, don’t worry! Discount Contractors can help you design a far better option and install it for you without a problem. We will work with you to design each aspect of it and give you the creative freedom to make it exactly how you want. Walk-in showers with glass walls, jacuzzi baths and even benches for the shower. All of these options are available with Discount Contractors!

Just imagine making your bathroom exactly how you want it to be. We can help design the entire bathroom to fit your lifestyle and habits. For example, upon entering the room you can make the specific changes that allow you to see mirrors immediately, instead of walking past the bathroom and shower which now have a wall and cover that keeps them private and secluded away from any vanity mirrors where you might be busy putting on makeup or shaving. It’s ideal to design your home in a way that makes you most comfortable.

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Have You Got Any Space Left In Your Closet?

Finally, the remodel is not complete until you make the changes to your closet! In many cases, we love to collect clothes and shoes, and it piles up. Over time, you can have so many garments that you simply can’t keep them in one closet anymore. That’s not because you are incapable of fitting them in, it just gets too cramped and unsightly when you do.

In order to keep the organization, cleanliness, and style, you can remodel the closet for more space and innovative design. Simple changes such as adding cabinetry into your closet for your socks, ties, and even shoes will make it far more compact. This minor adjustment brings a lot of benefits and can even allow you to return those clothes that didn’t make the cut. It’s not just a change made by stylistic needs, but rather one made for routine and balance in your daily life.

Contact Us For Remodeling

Getting a Katy TX bath remodel can be life-changing if you work with the right team. Discount Contractors can provide you with all of the access and freedom to design exactly what you want. We work with our clients to design and install all of the features and furnishings that they request. Our home improvement will not go unnoticed. We will take the concept to completion with high quality. Our attention to detail in the bathroom renovation can make amazing changes to the master bath and far more.

By the end of the project, our clients praise our bathroom remodeling and relish in their new space. If you would like to get work done by our contractors or would like to know more information, give our customer service a call! You can reach us at (281) 550-0171 or visit our website to learn more. We hope to hear from you soon, your future home is waiting to be discovered.


  • Named after the K-T Railroad
  • Holding an annual rice festival since 1981
  • Used to be leaders in rice production but now sell gas, cotton, and peanuts
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