Discount Contractors know that the most significant aspect of a remodeling and repair company is the quality of the services they provide. Our team of expert interior designers and installers strive to bring you the best home remodeling in the greater Houston area. As a locally owned and operated home remodeling contractor, we know the importance of excellent work and quality results. As such, we push the limits of home improvement and bring you the house of your dreams.

We blow the competition away with our dedication to exceptional services and outstanding customer service. Discount Contractors understand that your home is everything to you. We take extra special care to be effective and efficient while we work on your home. Whether we are remodeling your kitchen or the entire house, we bring you the best results possible. We combine our designers’ brilliant ideas with our installers’ expertise to produce an outcome that will make you jump for joy.

We here at Discount Contractors have serviced over 2000 satisfied clients across Houston. Having old crumbling floors and walls can put your business or home at risk. Keep your employees and family safe by renovating and remodeling your business or home today. We will update you as we go and improve your overall home structure. So call us today, and let’s get started on your kitchen, bathroom, or the entire house!

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Who is Discount Contractor?

For over 30 years, Discount Contractors have provided our clients with the best remodeling all over Houston. Our mission is to provide all of our customers with the option for better living conditions and work environments. To achieve this goal, we employ only the best builders, interior designers, and installers for our contract jobs. With our aid, you’ll go from enjoying an average home to loving a top-quality living space. Our teams pride themselves on focusing on honesty, integrity, and quality results.

Our services reflect this mentality. We utilize modern home renovation methods and strategies to produce innovative ideas. These ideas become the basis for your home and update it to match a contemporary style. Not only do you get to live in style, but you become the talk of the neighborhood. With a remodeled kitchen or patio, you can enjoy having a cookout and showing off your new digs to your neighbors.

Our Dedication to Excellence

We deal directly with the owner of the home to make sure that all of your requests and ideas are taken into account. We ensure that your specific needs and requirements are met because you will live in the home. Between reasonable prices and General Liability Insurance, we do everything we can to make ourselves the most logical choice. Our clients are so satisfied with our work that we’ve received hundreds of testimonials that we proudly put on display.

We’re available every day at convenient times. You can call in and request a free consultation for your home or business remodel, and we’ll send someone over to review your situation and provide a quote at an affordable rate. No matter how large or small the job is, Discount Contractors is here to tackle it with ease. So contact us as soon as possible, and let’s bring you the perfect home for you and your family.

Discount Contractors’ Remodeling Services

Whether it’s a broken window, bad flooring or roofing, or an entire kitchen, Discount Contractors has every service for you. Some homes begin to break down the older they get. When this happens, you risk several possible accidents. Incidents like collapsing floors, leaky roofs, exposed windows, and mold exposure are all potential threats of not maintaining your home. With our help, you’ll be able to update your home and keep it safe from decay. Not to mention, you’ll be able to update the style and look of your home.

Installing Tile Roofing Services

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We offer services from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling and other general contractor services. So no matter what you need done, we will be there the same day to get the ball rolling on pricing. When you get in touch with us, you’re taking the first step to a better home for your family.

General Contractor Services

With over 30 years of experience, we know how vital it is to maintain your entire home. From flooring roofing, every inch of your house needs to be secure and renewed to ensure longevity. With our seven full-time professional teams, we make sure that every nook and cranny is inspected and accounted for. If you’re looking for something specific, then we’ll start there and work our way to a general inspection at your request.

While our primary focus is on kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling, there are still plenty of other services that need doing. For example, adding rooms to your house is something that we can provide. Whether it’s a patio, conservatory, sunroom, or game room, we can turn your dream into a reality. Talk us through what it is you’re trying to accomplish and watch us go to work.

Aside from room addition, we offer a plethora of services that reflect our general abilities for home improvement. We can replace broken or worn out windows for ones that fit your home’s new or original aesthetic. We also provide the flooring mentioned above, roofing, brickwork, concrete work such as driveways, Hardiplank and siding, and other handyman services. So no matter what you need done, you can trust us to handle it for you.

Kitchen Remodeling

As one of our primary focuses, our kitchen remodeling is the best in all of Houston. Discount Contractors have services that cover kitchen deterioration and other kitchen-related restoration. When we check your kitchen out, we take into account all of the details and intricate systems at work. Between the plumbing for your sink and dishwasher and electrical connections for your appliances, there are many factors to consider during renovation.

Remodeling Services

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Kitchens are one of the most used areas in any house. From the morning ritual of breakfast to the dinner roundup, everyone spends at least a few minutes in the kitchen for some reason. As a result, it deteriorates much faster than other areas in the house. From countertops with scratches to stained cabinets, many aspects can use improvement.

We offer remodeling services such as countertop replacement, backsplash, and appliance upgrades. We also provide floor tile renovations, cabinet replacement, sink replacement, and so much more. With all of these options that your fingertips, you decide how you want your new kitchen to look and function.

Bathroom Remodeling

Easily the most private room in any home, your bathroom can alter the way you go about your day. It’s the room that we shuffle over to when we get out of bed and where we retire after a long day of work. With our assistance, you can turn your bathroom into an optimal and comfortable work of art. Don’t let your bathroom fall to negligence, give it the best makeover a room could ask for with Discount Contractors.

Your bathroom tells a story about you as a homeowner. When you have guests over, and they use it to wash up, they notice the minor details surrounding them. If your bathroom looks drab, dirty, and dingy, then they get the same impression of the homeowner. Being neglectful to your living space reflects poorly for anyone. When we get our hands on your bathroom, we make it go from disorderly and disheveled to looking spick and span.

We offer a multitude of ways to overhaul your bathroom’s look. For example, we provide new appliances such as bathroom mirrors, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. We can also install romantic lighting, exotic marble countertops, brass faucets, amber wood cabinets, and many more upgrades.

Home Remodeling

Sometimes, we want an entirely new look for our house. Inside and out, we want a complete overhaul of exterior and interior areas. While that includes the kitchen and bathrooms, it extends far beyond them to the entire building. Often, a home is damaged beyond repair from natural causes. These causes can be hurricanes, floods, fire, or other disasters. Regardless of why or how the point is that your home requires repairs. Luckily for you, Discount Contractors is here to help.

Aside from renovating your kitchen and bathrooms, we focus on applying the same standards to your whole home. We work with tile, carpet, hardwood, and other floorings to ensure variety for your options. Our team also provides services with cabinets, countertops, framing, drywall, paint, wallpaper, windows, doors, skylights, appliances, and much more.

We also cover minor services such as fixing small corners from scrapes and abrasions and replace existing drywall. Whatever the small task is, we highly encourage asking us during your free consultation. We also include interior and exterior painting, so we cover everything you need.

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