September 23, 2019

Do You Need A Complete Bathroom Makeover?

Do You Need A Complete Bathroom Makeover?

One of the great things about Discount Contractors is that we offer all the services you need to transform just about any area of your home. As you’ll soon see, your bathroom is no exception. If you want to make some major changes with a Bathroom Makeover, you can save time and money with Discount Contractors. Below, we’ll explain all of the ways we can transform this private area of your home. Soon, you’ll be dying to show it off!

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The Essentials

Many people start their design with an idea for a new paint job or tiling, but why not start with the essentials? By that, we mean the toilet, shower/tub, and sinks. These very necessary pieces of equipment add an often-understated theme to the entire bathroom. Handles, knobs, and faucets can have a more vintage or modern look. A glass sink might feel more zen, while a steel one offers a cutting, industrial vibe. Everyone has their own style, and there’s a high-quality product that will fit your every need. Discount Contractors will help you find it, then we’ll install it.


Cabinetry and shelving are almost just as important as the plumbing. Unless you’re a minimalist, you probably want a place to store your toiletries. And even if you are a minimalist, countertops and cabinets have a style all of their own. The standalone sink is becoming less and less common. Discount Contractors can fit you with the storage you need, in the style you prefer.

Walls, Flooring, and Windows

You can change the color of your walls, the material of your floor, and even the size and shape of your windows. If you want a new bathroom window, we can install one—even where no window has gone before. Thanks to our versatility, we can accommodate just about any design you can dream up.

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If you own your home, we guarantee the work. Our insured contractors are ready to fully transform your bathroom. Call Discount Contractors at (281) 550-0171 or contact us online to get started on your new project.