August 9, 2019

5 Ideas for Room Additions

5 Ideas for Room Additions


Did you know that Discount Contractors can add a new room to your home? If you need more space or want Room Additions in your home, we can help. On top of that, you don’t have to wait a long time to see these changes begin to emerge—we start most projects within a month of the initial consultation. You may already have an idea of what sort of new room you want in your home. But if not, we can offer you a few great ideas.

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Have you considered an outdoor kitchen?

Room Additions

1. Half-Bath

Having a separate bathroom for your guests can give you both a bit of comfort. You get to keep one of the most private places in your home all to yourself; your guests will marvel at the beauty of a half-bath designed and constructed with Discount Contractors.

2. Home Office

For tax purposes, any designated area where you perform your work can be considered a home office. But in a practical sense, an open area of your home isn’t the ideal place to conduct business. A private home office can shut out noises, distractions, and unnecessary snacks during your most productive hours.

3. Garage

Keeping your car in a garage keeps it clean and safe. If you already have a garage, you can always expand on it to fit all of the vehicles. Discount Contractors can build a garage with enough space for your cars, tools, and workbench.

Room Additions

We can turn your home into a paradise with an addition.

4. Home Theatre

Why go to the movies when you can have movie night at your house? A home theatre or video game room is a great family gathering spot. Additionally, you can host gatherings for your friends or your child’s in your new home theatre. Popcorn machine not included!

5. Drawing Room/Living Room

Some homes have both a den/family room and a drawing room/living room. However, increasingly, homes are being built with either one or the other. We can fit your home with both, which allows you to have separate areas for relaxation or entertaining important guests.

What Ideas Do You Have for Room Additions?

Discount Contractors is a versatile, affordable home remodeling company that would be happy to make your home renovation dreams come true. Let us know what you have in mind during our free consultation and we’ll make a plan for the project. You can get in touch with us by using our online form or by calling (281) 550-0171. We’re open to all ideas and can even provide help with the design of your new room addition!