July 20, 2019

Give Your Bathroom Design Some Attention!

Give Your Bathroom Design Some Attention!


Understanding your lifestyle is an important part of home design. If you see certain patterns or know what your taste is, a re-modeler can make bathroom design alterations that meet your needs. You can adjust your quality of living by making subtle but effective changes in your home.

Originally, most houses are built by a certain model. Other scenarios involve them being made for a previous owner, with their tastes in mind. Unless you are planning on building your own home from the ground up, you might not get the most control over your life.

The way your home is designed can open up time, and increase your access to the different parts of your house, and thus your life. It is a great way or expressing yourself, as well. When it comes to a bathroom especially, this is perhaps the most important room to design.

It’s critical that you treat yourself to a design that complements your habits and schedule. For instance, if you don’t take that many sit-down baths, it might be nicer to start with a shower. However, we will go through each aspect of the bathroom individually to give you a better idea of your options.

Drawers First 


Believe it or not, there is a lot of advantages to having custom drawers and cabinets. This is due to the number of items stored and organized inside. In most cases, you do as much organization as the design will allow. These are typically square, empty spaces that give little favors. When you do a custom remodeling, you can update these designs with simple adjustments.

That can mean specific drawers to hold some of your hygienic pieces that ensure they are separate and clean. Furthermore, you can have extended drawers that open and pull out further so you aren’t having to open and close different drawers to see all of your options. This will increase your ability to access what you need when you need it. It also increases cleanliness, which can be a huge plus in the bathroom where you are in your most intimate space.

Sinks, Lights, and Towel Racks 

Other ways you can make huge changes to your bathroom is through the sinks, lights, and racks. Making them all follow a single aesthetic design can be very pleasing. However, redesigning them to fit your own preferences can provide more benefits than that. For example, if you are trying to put on makeup, you may want a stronger light placed in the mirror to be switched on when you need better lighting.

The same can also be said for sinks, in some cases you might need an additional sink to fit your family or your significant other. If it was not already built-in, then an adjustment on this scale can make the mornings and evenings far more comfortable and less cramped.

Showers & Baths 


Finally, as we said earlier you can benefit greatly from a change as simple as going from a bath to a walk in shower. Instead of having to use a bath as a shower, you can enjoy the lavish amenities like glass windows, easier to clean spaces, and simple walkthrough access. It can be the perfect addition to your morning routine! Look through our galleries to get an idea of what Discount Contractors can do for your home, and contact us to get started!