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The Most Essential Room in your Home

What's the last room you use before you go to sleep? And the first room you use when you wake up? You can laugh if you want but your bathroom is easily the most essential room of the house. You use it to bathe, to attend to basic hygeine, and to take care of nature's business. And like it or not, your home's guest bathrooms are a reflection of you and your family. Because your bathrooms are so important, its essential that they have a perfect balance of beauty and function.

Is Your Bathroom Decades Outdated?

If your Houston home is several decades old, your bathroom probably looks dated in terms of modern decor and design. You know when you walk into it, its just not up to your standards for a room in your home. An old bathroom can really make one feel uncomfortable. If you have an old stained bathtub, bland tiles, ugly mirror, and poor lighting its time for a proper bathroom remodeling project.

Good. You've recognized the problem. But be wary of the pitfalls of implementing the wrong solution! Hiring the wrong bathroom remodeling contractor can be a nightmare. The most common mistake is "going cheap." If you hire a yo-yo based on price, you'll likely get what you pay for plus the headaches of contractors who don't stick to schedule, uncomfortable labor situations, and contractors trying to squeeze more cash out of you once a contract is signed. On the other hand, you'll often see homeowners do the opposite: they'll overpay 100-300% for a contractor who will make them wait 3-6 months to begin their project when they could have had the exact same project done at a lower price by a dependable affordable contractor.

The Solution: Trusted Affordable Houston Bathroom Remodeling

Discount Contractors presents the middle ground solution. We price affordably, on the spot at your first consultation, so you can make an educated decision, save cash, and your project can begin in a timely manner. And with 27 years of experience supported by 25 pages of references, we can give you peace of mind that your job will be done on-time, on-budget, and according to plan. We'll show you a gallery of hundreds of Houston TX bathroom remodeling jobs we've completed to inspire a plan to build you the perfect bathroom. With an approximate start time of four weeks on bathroom remodeling projects and an average project duration of two weeks, the bathroom of your dreams could be only six weeks away.

Give us a call today so we can help transform your bathroom into a warm inviting place that you can be proud of! CALL 281-550-0171