Flooring in Houston at an Unbeatable Price!

Discount Contractors has been a provider of affordable Houston flooring for nearly three decades. Owner Tom Carmichael prides himself on prividing fast, friendly service and helping you select the right combination of flooring material and colors from thousands of samples. Whether you're looking for hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, stone, vinyl, or something special, we can help you find and install the perfect flooring for your home.

What Kind of Flooring is Right for You?

Each kind of flooring material has a advantages / disadvantages, care requirements, and pricing. Some customers prefer to pick out their flooring type on their own. But one shouldn't feel ashamed to call us in for a consultation to tell us they really don't know what type of flooring is right for their project. If that's the case, we're always happy to come, take a look at your space and talk about your specific needs. Here's a quick primer a few of the most popular flooring materials:

  • hardwood flooring - long lasting, with a beautiful warm look. Avoid moisture to prolong life.
  • laminate flooring - affordable, easy to clean. Avoid scartching.
  • carpet - price varies greatly, quiet and comfortable underfoot, highest color variety. Can wear and stain.
  • tile flooring - durable and water/stain resistant. Difficult to clean grout lines
  • stone flooring - most durable, beautiful appearance. Expensive and difficult to repair.
  • vinyl flooring - durable, affordable, eay to clean. Cheap versions may fade, difficult to repair

We're fast!

Our crews are skilled and efficient. Most flooring projects are done within only five days!

And Its More Affordable Than You Think!

We love to our job and we love to give our customers what they want: high quality affordable service. So we price all of our Houston flooring projects on the spot during your first consultation at an unbeatable price. We believe providing excellent service at an affordable price leads to more referrals, more business, and more happy customers.

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